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    Adding Value and Delivering Results

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    EHS Policies:

    “Resurgent ensures highest standards of occupational health and safety”

               At Resurgent , we believe that excellence in processes of construction and project execution have to be practiced ensuring safety ,environment and health considerations simultaneously.


               We reckon that project execution creates risk and also impacts the communities and environs in which these projects come up. Therefore, we imperatively , follow practices wherein our engineering designs and construction execution procedures are all focussed at protecting the environment, making workplace healthy and safety is accorded utmost importance.

    Health and Safety:

               We pursue processes and controls which mitigate the risks to maximum extent possible. We focus on overall safety management through compliance of prerequisites , proactive inspections ,continuous monitoring, improved work pedagogies , safety guidelines and operational excellence. Resurgent’s HSE approach is built on well defined procedural guidelines , inter dependent collaborative matrix structures , scalability and on the spot interactions.

               The Management System has been adopted as a framework to guide H&S, support the business performance and drive continuous improvement across our operations for a holistically improved overall business performance, sustainable development and sustained positive corporate image.