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    Adding Value and Delivering Results

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      Careers :

    We believe that organisations are differentiated by its people and processes, Organisation can become robust by having the talented, knowledge seeking and experienced people.

    At Resurgent we hire the best, offer them the environment for growth and nurture their aspirations .There is sense of ownership among all our employees. Dedication, commitment, integrity of thought and action are tenets ingrained in the ethos of our employees. We believe in equity, diversity and equal opportunities for our people.

    There are exciting opportunities pan India and abroad to work in our organisation.

      Working At Resurgent :

      Current Openings:

    At present, we have following Job opportunities.

    1. Project Director; Bengaluru; Civil Engineer; 20 Years Experience.

    2. Project Manager; Bengaluru; Civil Engineer; 15 Years Experience.

    3. Construction Supervisors; Bengaluru; Diploma Civil; 10 Years Experience.

      Internships / Placements:

    In order to continuously infuse the knowledge flow in to the organisation, we offer industrial training and internships to bright young professionals from the best institutions viz IITs,IIMs and Nicmar etc .The focus is to continuously improve our practices , understand the gaps and ensure infusion of technology driven best practices .New and emerging methodologies, sustainability, green buildings , environment friendly materials, scarce resource conservation, minimised energy consumption and clean technologies are some of the initiatives that we have integrated in our approach to project management. These knowledge driven initiatives are augmented by the interns .Many of these interns who shape well and also wish to be part of the exciting and learning culture of our organisation are offered opportunities to work with Resurgent.


    At Resurgent, we believe the learning curve is continuous and at gradient. We create opportunities for our employees to continuously engage in acquiring knowledge and best practices by participating in conferences, works shops and industry leaders professional interactions. We also depute our people for domain specific courses to the best institutions of technology and management including IITs and IIMs for sharpening their skill sets and broadening their knowledge base. Intra organisation there are processes of nurturance and growth by mentorship by the senior colleagues .

    If you are interested in joining Resurgent, please send your CV with a Covering Letter to:info@resurgentbusiness.com