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    Adding Value and Delivering Results

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    Business Consulting :

    Resurgent also offers business consulting to articulate Strategy and Structure of the organisation by ensuring seamless continuity and synergy. Resurgent engages with clients for End to end consulting in setting up green field projects across verticals , Sourcing of funds and equity, Resuscitating ailing companies , Business Development , Process Evaluations, SOPs, Building Human Capital, Performance Maximization , Leveraging Technology and Mentoring Start Ups across geographies.

    Resurgent has completed many assignments in various sectors in Business Consulting:

    The Details are as follows:

    (a) Integrated Rice Processing Plant:

    A complete management consultancy project for setting up an integrated rice mill of 30 TPH capacity. The value of the project was usd 5 million.

    (b) B & B Infrastructure Ltd

    Resurgent conceived and documented a complete structure and strategy manual for this company. It has turnover of INR 2500 Million.

    (c) Ferns Builders and Developers

    Resurgent articulated and prepared a dossier of complete structure and strategy for this group of companies. This group owns approx. 500 acres of land and has developed large number of residential and commercial properties.


    (d) NU Hospitals Pvt ltd

    Resurgent restructured NU Trust and NU Hospitals Pvt Ltd for building synergies and for better operations. Resurgent also articulated and prepared complete HR Manual, Structure and Strategy for the organization.


    (e) United Telecom ltd

    Resurgent, as a retainer consultant, developed business strategy and established business links with Tyco Electronics and United Telecom for development of new products in telecom sector viz multiport switches.


    (f) Shriram Properties Ltd

    Resurgent has was mandated to carry out detailed study in the Logistics and warehousing sector in India which was adopted as part of Client’s strategy. Another study was carried in evaluation of Hospitality projects for acquisitions .Due diligence and techno-commercial evaluation was conducted and professional advice submitted to the client who adopted the recommendations in toto.

    (g) Shapoorji & Pollonji Ltd

    Resurgent was assigned a very complex Techno-Commercial-Legal business tangle for claim of approx 1.5 million usd from their defaulting client . Thorough analysis was carried out of the contracts amongst various stakeholders and their responsibilities, Diagnosis of issues and defaulters with claims supported by evidence . This helped the client to settle the issue of recovery from the defaulter .Such assignments are only carried out by professionals like Resurgent as insiders in view of interlinkages of complex issues.

    Resurgent Leadership team has also carried out following projects during their career trans geographies:

    (i)Brewery and Health Drink Company:

    A shutdown brewery of 300,000 hecto liters capacity was resuscitated to produce lager beer and malt drink. The inputs involved development and procurement of spares and components of machinery, expert manpower and arranging working capital funds. Dilapidated Filler Crowner and Washer were replaced by internally generated profits and project was successfully brought on stream and put on the track of growth and profitability.

    (ii) Sea Food Company:

    A Company, Ocean Fisheries Ltd, with 21 deep sea fishing trawlers was resuscitated from verge of collapse. Prawns, shrimps and fish caught from the pristine and unpolluted waters off the west Africa coast were marketed internationally to become a known brand “Tropical Prime” in the USA and European markets. A shrimp processing plant was also set up to export processed sea food. Downstream commercial extraction of Chitosan (High value Anti-Aging Cellulose) from Shells of prawns was planned and executed in collaboration with a French scientist.

    (iii)Cotton Ginnery:

    A Cotton ginning plant with installed capacity of 40,000 tons of seed cotton p.a. was set up. The cotton ginnery set up produces high quality lint processed with fully automated machinery procured from Lummus industries Inc .USA. Backward integration was also done by arranging cultivation of large scale mechanized cotton growing farming.

    (iv) Glass Manufacturing:

    The largest integrated glass manufacturing complex in west Africa valued at SFR 287 millions at 1965 exchange rates was left unaccomplished by Italian and Hungarian project Consultants. The huge project spread over 85 acres with 250 ton furnace for sheet glass and 70 tons of hollow glass was acquired by Churchgate group. Resurgent team member was a leader of the project , provided inputs in arranging finance, human resources, spares and raw material to reactivate the project successfully. The project has been running profitably ever since it was resuscitated.

    (v) Spinning Mills:

    The twin spinning factories with combined capacity of 50,000 spindles and annual capacity of 6000 tons of world class quality yarn were set up. State of the art technology machinery was sourced from world reputed manufacturers viz Reiter, Trutzschler, Schlafhorst and Luwa. These companies produce top quality 5% Uster yarns which imply their product quality is comparable to the top 5% factories worldwide.

    (vi) Dyestuff Manufacturing:

    An integrated reactive dyestuff manufacturing plant was set up in process tie up with Thai Ambica Thailand. The Project consultants were Humphrey and Glasgow. This was the only project in whole of Africa which catered to the textile industries requirement for Reactive dyestuff .Resurgent Leadership team member was the single contact point, organizer and coordinator and ensured setting up the project within cost, time and quality parameters.

    (vii) Textile Composite Mills:

    Various composite textile mills Viz Aba textiles, Asaba Textiles and Kaduna Textiles have been provided professional inputs in resuscitation, modernization and expansion by arranging finance, raw material, human resources, spares and capital equipment. Investment loan of USD 16 million was arranged from Nigerian Industrial Development Bank for Aba couple of composite textile mills in West Africa.

    (viii) Agric Commodities:

    Resurgent Leadership team has experience of setting up and managing various Import/Export Companies in Nigeria, Republic of Benin, Togo and South Africa to deal in Agri commodities, viz cotton, Cocoa, sugar and Rice. I have dealt in commodities with giants like Louis Dreyfus, Rallis Brothers, Cogecot, Dunavant, Plexus etc.There is indepth domain expertise of complete processes and methodologies of flow of material, money and documents across borders of various countries and interfaces with all agencies involved in such a business.

    (ix) Institutional Finance:

    Arranged 14 million dollar Loan from Nigerian Industrial Development Bank Lagos for Modernization and Expansion of Textile mills .Also arranged for many of the group companies, working capital facilities and term loans from several banks across African continent. Resurgent team member has also arranged Import-export finance from NEXIM and AFRIEXIM.